Lizardo Herrera Pink Bourbon
Lizardo Herrera Pink Bourbon

Lizardo Herrera Pink Bourbon

An almost Kenyan character from the characterful Pink Bourbon varietal is enhanced by Lizardo’s processing expertise

  • Blackcurrant, Black Tea and Candied Strawberry
  • Producer: Lizardo Herrera
  • Region: Huila
  • Altitude: 1670 masl
  • Varietal: Pink Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest: November 2020
  • Optimal brew beyond: Filter 7 days | Espresso 21 days.
  • RRP for 250 g: 139 kr.
  • RRP for 1 kg: 516 kr.



    About the coffee:

    One of our favourite lots from Colombia over the past few harvests, we’re excited to share Lizardo Herrera’s Pink Bourbon again this year. We were easily able to find both of Lizardo’s lots on a blind cupping table in Bogotá in November 2019, and again in Copenhagen this year, so distinctive are both the ripe fruit and aromatic character. Lizardo has been aiming to produce very high quality coffee for some time, but also has a vision for the sustainability of his farm. He is also a certified beekeeper, and keeps several hives on the farm to produce honey for export. This program ensures a level of thought goes into the ecosystem on the farm almost by default; most widely used pesticides are harmful to bee populations, and the plants are of course kept well pollinated. Shade is also required for the bees, just like coffee. Many of the shade trees at Lizardo’s farm are over 50 years old, and were present at the farm already when his grandfather purchased it. It is quite a normal practice to completely clear the land before planting coffee, in fact it is advised by the Colombian coffee producer’s federation, the FNC. Lizardo’s grandfather however had the foresight to understand the value of these trees, both for biodiversity and shade. Lizardo’s father then took over the farm, and ran it while maintaining his business as a compost producer. He took on large amounts of organic agricultural waste from around Palestina, and created compost which he then sold on. Lizardo has distilled all of this experience into what he does on the farm today, using very minimal chemical inputs, and using his bee population and a high level of biodiversity to ensure healthy plants. 

    Lizardo also grows a good selection of high-quality varietals, and follows strong fermentation protocols. He has a good idea of how he can affect flavour through fermentation, and aims for a slightly more ferment-heavy character than most others in Huila. 

    For this coffee, Lizardo used an in-cherry pre-fermentation of 12 hours, before de-pulping and fermenting for a further 48 hours in mucilage. This lot is from Lizardo’s stock of the Pink Bourbon varietal. Initially separated in the early 2000’s, some say that Pink Bourbon is a hybrid between yellow and red bourbon, and some that it is a natural mutation of the disease resistant Colombia varietal that ripens orange. What most agree however, is that the cherries ripen an orange/pink shade, somewhere between red and yellow, and the leaves are broad, in a similar fashion to Geisha trees. The varietal also often showcases Geisha-like qualities in the cup, with floral aromas and clean citrus notes. Here, the fermentation softens this citrus into a juicy, almost Kenyan-like character, with waves of sweet ripe fruit.

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