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Cafec ABACA Filter paper

Cafec ABACA Filter paper

  • Cafec are a Japanese company specialising in coffee brewing equipment.
  • The ABACA material is made with Hemp fibres.
  • These fibres are much stronger than traditional wood pulp, allowing the paper to be half as thicker, four times as strong.
  • The hemp fibres are also much faster to grow than traditional wood, and are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, leading to a lower environmental impact.
  • We have also found less paper taste in the final cup.

1 cup RRP:  40 DKK

4 cups RRP:  45 DKK

Quantity must be 1 or more
Units Price/pc. Weight ID Qty.
1 Cup (for 1 cup) 32,00 DKK 85 g E16ABACA2630900
4 Cups (for 2-4 cups) 36,00 DKK 90 g E17ABACA2630900
1 Cup x 10 Units 231,20 DKK 850 g E16ABACA26309001
4 Cups x 10 Units 263,20 DKK 850 g E17ABACA26309001