Alto Cielo
Alto Cielo
Alto Cielo
Alto Cielo
Alto Cielo
Alto Cielo

Alto Cielo

Roast date: 12/07/2021

This is the second year we have purchased this wild natural Tabi lot from Angelo Sosa’s project Alto Cielo in Huila

  • Quince, Blueberry and Milk Chocolate
  • Producer: Angelo Sosa
  • Region: Huila
  • Altitude: 1800 masl
  • Varietal: Tabi
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest: Nov 2020
  • Optimal brew: Filter 4-30 days | Espresso 10-60 days.
  • RRP for 250g: 139 kr.
  • RRP for 1 kg: 516 kr.




      About the coffee:

      Angelo Sosa grows coffee on a 10 hectare plot outside the city of Gigante in central Huila, Colombia. A rather large farm compared to many in Huila, Angelo picked this spot due to its natural beauty, due to the placement high above Gigante, on the slopes of the Eastern Andean Cordillera. The micro-climate here is also very suitable for the production of high-quality coffee, with cool humid evenings followed by days filled with plentiful and powerful sun, here only 250 km north of the equator. Angelo is a great fan of the Tabi varietal, both due to its disease resistance and high yield, but also due to the fact that it creates a much higher quality cup than more traditional Colombian hybrids. For these reasons he grows almost exclusively Tabi on Alto Cielo, which he has nicknamed ‘Tabiland’. Unusually for Huila, Angelo uses a natural process for this particular lot of Tabi. The cherries were pre-fermented in tanks for 24 hours, before being dried carefully under plastic canopies for around 16 days. These canopies provide protection from rains during harvest, but also raise the temperature inside and aid airflow to achieve even and controlled drying of naturals, even in this rather humid climate. Angelo was aided in creating this processing protocol by agronomists from InCoNexus, one of our export partners in Colombia. This process has unveiled a soft and elegant profile, with a creamy character and plentiful ripe fruit notes.  


      Coffees grown in Huila are highly prized in our industry, for several reasons. The mountainous terrain provides high altitudes and varying microclimates, leading to a diverse flavour spectrum throughout the area. Diversity is also encouraged by the large number of small farms, with those averaging between 1 and 3 hectares producing much of the coffee in the region. The small farms here mainly have their own processing facilities, both wet mills, where the coffee is pulped, fermented and washed, and space for drying the coffees. Huila is particularly exciting for speciality coffee due to its plentiful high altitude. The Colombian Andes split into 3 distinct ranges here, the eastern, western and central ‘cordilleras’. Alto Cielo sits in the Gigante municipality, on the western slopes of the eastern cordillera, in central Huila. This high altitude leads to large day-night swings in temperature, which slows cherry maturation. Further down into the valley between the two cordilleras, lies a large area of jungle. Weather systems carry cool, moist air from the jungle up into the coffee growing lands, further lengthening the cherry maturation. All this leads to very intense, sweet and complex cups, but also to one of the main challenges of producing coffee in this region. The cool temperatures and high level of humidity mean that drying coffee can be a very difficult prospect here.


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      250g 77,70 DKK
      1kg 266,60 DKK