Roasted 22/2/21. Last batches

A soft and rich honey lot from Nariño, showcasing Lady Moncayo’s skill in processing

  • Blackberry jam, Caramel, Milk Chocolate
  • Producer: Lady Moncayo
  • Region: Nariño
  • Altitude: 1800 masl
  • Varietal: Colombia
  • Process: Honey
  • Harvest: October 2020
  • Optimal brew beyond: Filter 7 days | Espresso 21 days.
  • RRP for 250g: 135 kr.
  • RRP for 1 kg: 504 kr.


    About the coffee:

    This is the second time we have purchased coffee from Lady Moncayo and her family in Nariño. A remote and mountainous region of very high altitudes and high quality coffees, Nariño is probably second only to Huila when it comes to the most sought-after speciality coffee regions of Colombia. The region normally produces very vibrant and bright coffees, with crisp citric acidity. However the Moncayo siblings, five sisters and one brother, are doing things rather differently, with a sharp focus on Lady’s processing expertise. In an attempt to produce more consistent coffees, Lady attended a course by SENA in La Union, the regional capital of Nariño, in 2017. SENA is the ‘National Training Service’, a government-run programme which develops training for the Colombian labour force, in an attempt to increase the competitiveness of Colombian business on the international stage. In this case, a teacher had been hired to share knowledge about coffee processing with a group of producers from Nariño. This teacher also told Lady of the increased prices she and her family could receive if they were to produce differentiated and high-quality micro-lots. This inspired Lady to start experimenting with processing on the family farm. This experimentation is still ongoing, only small amounts of each harvest are processed using Lady’s alternative methods, with much of the rest of the coffee having a much more traditional profile. The rather different cup profile that Lady created initially turned off many buyers, until she met members of the LaREB collective in early 2019. Experts in alternative processing and slightly unconventional flavour profiles, LaREB immediately saw potential in Lady and her family, and bought their first lot immediately. This honey lot ended up in Denmark with us, and was one of the first we shared through our subscription programme after our move to Copenhagen. 

    The lot we have purchased this year is also a honey processed Colombia varietal lot. Ripe cherries were floated and carefully sorted, before being fermented in sealed plastic tanks for 8 days. After 3 days water was added to the tank, slowing down the temperature increase and therefore the fermentation. This extra layer of control allows for a long anaerobic pre-fermentation without introducing negative flavours to the cup. The coffee was then de-pulped and transferred to raised beds to dry slowly under shade, for about 30 days. After the long pre-fermentation, much of the mucilage has already broken down and been removed from the seed, so the fermentation during drying is minimal, but still adds layers of complexity. This leads to one of our most interesting releases yet from Nariño, with a deep and rich character of berry jam.


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      1kg 244,90 DKK